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Questions to Ask your Pressure Washing Service Provider

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What should I ask my pressure washing service?

Questions to Ask your Pressure Washing Service Provider

When you are ready to hire a professional pressure washing service, you should know what to look for and what to ask to ensure that they are reputable.

1. A professional power washing service should be able to produce proof of their license.
2. Ask them if they are in compliance with EPA and local regulations.
3. Ask them for references from other customers.
4. You can also check with a professional association such as Power Washers of North America ( if in doubt about their qualifications.

Ask questions until you are satisfied. Check that they have the right pressure washing equipment for your job. An untrained or inexperienced power washer operator can cause damage to your house and property.

Also, beware of cheap contractors. If a contractor is offering a price that is much lower than their competition it may be that they are inexperienced or unlicensed and they are trying to compensate with a lower dollar figure. In some cases this may end up in a nightmare of incomplete jobs or costly damage. Buyer beware!



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