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Preparing your Boat for Pressure Washing

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How do I Prepare my Boat for Pressure Washing?

Preparing your Boat for Pressure Washing

The preparation of your boat for pressure washing is simple but important to the safety and success of the operation. You may want to keep a checklist to make sure you follow the same steps every time you work with power washing equipment around your boat or yacht.

1. Close all hatches and window to make sure they are watertight.
2. Clear the dock to have plenty of maneuvering space (it is a good idea to wash the dock first, you don't want to be tracking dirt back onboard).
3. Check the way that the water will get out and clear any obstructions.
4. Store any items that should not get wet, such as cushions and carpet. (You don't need to remove closed cell foam cushions; the power washer will not damage them.)



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