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Preparing your Deck for Pressure Washing

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How do I prepare my deck for pressure washing?

Preparing your Deck for Pressure Washing

The pressure needed for pressure washing your deck will be around 1500 PSI and the best tip for the job is a wide-angle tip of 25 to 40 degrees to create a wider spray to protect the wood from damage.

Do not use a hot water pressure washer on your deck. Remove any lose articles that may become projectiles when pushed by the pressure washer jet. Practice making a pendular motion with the spray up, down, and up again away from the surface. With this motion you will avoid leaving marks on the deck were the cleaning stroke starts.

Test the pressure washer on some old boards or a hidden side of the deck to make sure that the pressure is adjusted correctly and the spray will not cause any damage to wood. Wear protective eyewear and gloves.



6/17/2015 7:27:39 PM
John said:

My decking is 2 years old. it has old oil that did not take. Have been told to use a hot pressure washer to get in the grooves of the decking. Is this wrong?


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