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Choosing the Right Cleaner to Pressure Wash your Deck

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What cleaner should I use to pressure wash my deck?

Choosing the Right Cleaner to Pressure Wash your Deck

When you are ready to power wash your deck or pation you need to consider the cleanser carefully. Choosing the right power washing chemicals will be critical to obtaining good results when you clean your deck. You shoul always use a cleaning solution for your deck, even when it doesn't look too dirty. You will not only do a smoother job but it will be easier and quicker.

* Do not use bleach as it will not only discolor your deck but it may damage the pressure washing equipment.
* There are some pressure washer chemicals such as Biocleanse that are biodegradable and consumer friendly. These cleaners are gentle on the wood and will not damage the lawn or flower beds around your deck.
* Never let the cleaning solution sit on the wood for more than 15 minutes or it will start to dry and leave a residue.
* Always rinse with plenty of fresh water.



3/1/2007 7:53:35 PM
John said:

Some people give bleach a bad rap. Bleach is the best way to remove mildew. Pressure washing alone will not properly remove mildew. Bleach does not discolor the finish. I have been running bleach through my Cat pump for over twenty years using an up stream injector. I am on my second pump. i use it almost daily.


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