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Choosing your Power Washing Chemicals

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What is the best cleaner to power wash my roof?

Choosing your Power Washing Chemicals

There are several options of cleaners that professionals use to clean your roof, but many include bleach. The disadvantage is that bleach will discolor your walls and siding wherever it streaks down, and will also kill any plant or animal life along the way.

If you are looking to pressure wash the roof yourself, consider using an environmentally safe product such as Biocleanse. This is not only important to protect your house and plants, but also for your personal safety because the inevitable back spray from washing will end up on you as well.

A good quality power washing chemical will reduce total cleaning time. Rinse with plenty of fresh water after you are done.



9/21/2009 2:47:17 PM
Bob Blooms said:

Biocleanse? Isn't this a body flush?

12/18/2011 9:21:58 PM
xolani said:

i want to buy the machine, but where can i go


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