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How to Pressure Wash Your Home

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How do I clean my house with a pressure washer?

How to Pressure Wash Your Home

Before you start your pressure washer make sure that you have covered the steps related to house pressure washing preparation and safety.

Also ensure that you are using a strong enough power washer. Honda powerwashers are a good option for a job of this size.

* Stand at a safe distance of three to four feet from the surface you are going to clean and hold the spray horizontally.
* Start spraying from bottom to top, and rinse in the opposite direction, from top to bottom.
* Keep the nozzle moving to avoid gouging the surface if it stays long in once place.
* Work at an angle around windows and skip electric fixtures entirely.
* Avoid letting the detergent sit for more than ten minutes on the surface before rinsing.
* Remember to pressure wash gutters and siding areas!



6/24/2007 12:30:30 PM
Arthur Schulenburg said:

The opening portion or leadoff to the powerwashing section says DO wash siding walls from top to bottom so as to prevent stains, mildew, etc. from staining areas already cleaned. This tip #15 contradicts that advice.

5/24/2011 11:41:14 PM
Tuan Johnson said:

What should I use for soap


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