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Preparing your House Before Pressure Washing

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How do I Get Ready for Pressure Washing my House?

Preparing your House Before Pressure Washing

Preparing for house pressure washing is not time consuming if you plan ahead.

It is always a good idea to make a checklist in order to ensure that you covered all the bases.
1. Locate your exterior power outlet if you are using an electric pressure washer, and your outside water faucet.
2. Close all windows and seal any small holes in the windowsills.
3. Remove any shutters, this is a favorite place for spiders and wasps so you want to power wash really well underneath.
4. Make a note of the location of outdoor lighting fixtures and mailboxes, as you won't want to spray those.
5. As for personal gear goggles and wet weather outerwear are a good idea …you can bet on getting wet!



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