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What To Do If Your Pump Is Too Noisy

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What if my hot water pressure pump is too noisy?

What To Do If Your Pump Is Too Noisy

If you start to notice that your gas pressure washer is making too much noise when you use it, start with a few easy possibilities and work your way to the more complicated ones if they do not work out.

  • One easy check is to reduce the incoming water's temperature. If the water coming in is too hot it can cause excessive noise. If you try this and it does not work, move on to the next thing.
  • That would be low pump oil. If the oil levels are fine, check to see if there is air in the suction line. If this is the case, simply check your inlet water fittings.
  • Next you want to try checking the pump valves to see if they are dirty. If so, clean or replace them.
  • If you still have not figured it out, you might try checking to see if the valve springs or pump bearings are worn. Replace either if necessary.



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