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Pressure Pump

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What is a pressure pump?

Pressure Pump

The pressure pump is an essential part of your pressure washer. The pump is what gives you the power you need. The first step is to know the horsepower of your machine's engine so you can pick the right water pump.

Once you have the right pressure washer replacement pump you need to maintain it properly. For starters, every other part of your washer needs to be operating properly. If you need replacement parts for your Honda small engine washer, don't wait until the originals no longer work before ordering new ones. And never store a pump with water in it. Moisture can lead to the growth of fungi or bacteria that can ruin your machine and, more importantly, be hazardous to your health.

Storing it during the winter months presents its own set of requirements. Make sure to use antifreeze before putting it away for storage so that it does not get damaged. Then place a cover over the pump and store it somewhere that does not have direct exposure to freezing temperatures. No one wants to break out their machine after a cold winter to find they have to buy a new one.



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