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Using The Right Pressure When Applying Chemical Cleaners

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What pressure should I use when applying chemical solvents?

Using The Right Pressure When Applying Chemical Cleaners

When applying pressure washer chemicals to any surface you intend to clean, be it a graffiti-covered concrete wall or your car, it is important to use low pressure. By using low pressure, you are allowing the chemicals more time to penetrate the dirt, grime, spray paint or anything else.

If you apply the chemical with too much pressure, it does not have that valuable contact time. Instead, the chemicals tend to bounce off the surface rather than soaking into it. Always check the recommended pressure settings before applying any chemical to a surface. Different chemical sprayers can be used with your system, and each has various settings. Look at the selection to see which model will work best for your needs.

Once the pressure washer detergent or other cleaner has had a chance to work its way into the surface, you can then increase the pressure for the water to start doing its job. While most pressure washer chemicals are Eco-friendly and pose no threat to Mother Nature, it is always a good idea to double check before buying or using one.

If you are using a steam pressure cleaner, make sure to slowly mix the detergent into the water in the tank. Do not add water to a tank that already has detergent in it; otherwise, it will not mix properly.



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