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Water Softeners

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What do water softeners do?

Water Softeners

The first time most people hear the term “hard water,” they do not really know what it means, just that it is considered undesirable.

Simply put, hard water means there are dissolved ions of calcium and magnesium present in the water. This usually leads to two main problems. First, hard water reacts with soap to produce soap scum, or the residue commonly known as a “bathtub ring.”

The minerals in hard water can also latch on to the inside of your pipes and clog them. This can lead to leaks and a host of other problems. The minerals in hard water can also be very corrosive to your car's engine and paint job. Washing a car with hard water might leave it looking even worse than before you cleaned it. Washing your carpet with a steam pressure cleaner using hard water is just as bad.

Water softeners are the best solution to this problem. Softeners remove the minerals from your water and make the cleaning chemicals you use with your pressure washer more effective. Once you start using the best water softeners, you will immediately notice a difference when cleaning cars, carpets and just about anything else, especially when using steam pressure washers.



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