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Driveways & Garages

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Is hot water better for cleaning driveways and garage floors?

Driveways & Garages

When you plan to use a power washer to clean your driveway and garage floor, a hot power washer is the best way to go. Hot water does a much better job getting rid of oil and grease from cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. That is exactly the kind of thing you want done when cleaning garages and pavement.

Cold water does not have the same impact on oil slicks and grease as hot water. Combined with a multi-purpose degreaser and detergent, your hot water power washer will have your driveway sparkling by the time you are finished.

Remember to use a water containment system in addition to your power washer. You do not want to wash all that grease and engine sludge from your garage and driveway out onto the street. Use the water containment system to properly gather and dispose of that waste.

Try to avoid doing this on days where it is already very hot outside. Pouring hot water from a pressure washer on hot cement makes the cement exponentially hotter.



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