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Water Containment Systems

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What is a water containment system?

Water Containment Systems

Washing your car in your driveway with a pressure washer can be unbelievably easy. But one thing to remember is that the chemical reside of the detergent you used is now in the water that is soaking the ground. If you do not want that residue on the driveway or in your grass where children play, you need a water containment system.

Also known as water recycle systems, they essentially create a liquid-proof barrier around the area with the chemical water. The system can be used on any type of hard surface, including your driveway. Water containment systems can also be used on boats, large ships and docks. It will suck up the water with the chemical solvent and filter it into a separate tank.

All of the containment systems at adhere to the strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines regarding waste water. They use water vacuums, hoses, pumps and holding tanks to properly gather and dispose of the contaminated water.

When using one of these systems, remember to position it on the downward slope of the surface you are using it on for optimal effect.



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