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Wheel & Handle Kits

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Is the wheel and handle kit worth it?

Wheel & Handle Kits

No hydrostatic line tester is truly portable until you have added a wheel and handle kit to the mix. They truly make portability a non-issue and save you the back pains of trying to lift the hydrostatic pump and carry it from one test site to the next.

The wheel and handle kit available through is known as the “Back Saver.” The tires are made from polyurethane foam and can boast twice the strength of rubber. Despite the rugged strength of the tires, the are soft enough to absorb vibrations to protect both you and the system. Simply put, you would have to make a conscious effort to try and get a flat with these tires; and you probably still would not be able to.

The wheel and handle kit is available in three sizes: small, standard and large. It is also extremely easy to attach and does not block or in any way obstruct your access and view of the controls on the pump itself.



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