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Using The Right Cleaning Solution

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What cleaning solution should I use?

Using The Right Cleaning Solution

One of the most important things when using power car wash systems is to use the correct cleaning solution with it. You should only use cleaning solutions that are meant to be used with pressure washers. Anything else could cause damage both to the machine and to the surface you are trying to clean. In the end it can cause more damage than what you were trying to clean in the first place. This means no laundry detergent or bubble bath.

When you are done washing your car, you want to thoroughly rinse out the tank. This is to make sure that there is no leftover chemical residue. While the cleaning solutions are designed to be harmless for humans, residual chemicals and moisture could lead to the growth of molds or fungi.

If you have mixed the chemicals and water properly in your tank according to the instructions on the bottle, it should be easy to completely rinse your tank. If you have not mixed them properly, there is likely to be more residue than normal, meaning it might take a little extra elbow grease to clean it out completely.



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