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Check For Damage During Delivery

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Did you check for damage when you received the delivery?

Check For Damage During Delivery

When you order car pressure washers, whether it is for personal use on your car or an industrial system for your car wash business, always make sure to inspect the system for any damage that may have occurred during freight transport.

Any types of cracks or loosening that you see should be addressed immediately. These defects can affect water pressure and several other issues that would threaten the safety of anyone using the pressure washer. The last thing you want to do is get hurt while using the car pressure washers or have a customer get injured.

Refusing delivery because of damages and contacting a customer service representative may be an unexpected delay and is surely no fun. But in the long run it is the safest play you can make. And if the damage was the result of mishandling during shipping, the shipping company will most likely do what they can to quickly remedy the situation, and the seller will surely help to make that a reality.



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