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Using a Sewer Jetter in Below Freezing Temperatures

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How should I protect my sewer jetter during the winter?

Using a Sewer Jetter in Below Freezing Temperatures

When it's could outside, keep your sewer jetter drain cleaner in a heated area. When the temperature drops below freezing, unprotected pump heads, hoses, and other parts of your drain cleaner can be permanently damaged. If you don't have heated storage for your drain cleaning equipment, cut a two-foot long piece of garden hose with a connector on one end. Attach it to the hose fitting on the sewer jetter. Hold the hose upward and use a funnel to pour in a mixture of half water and half antifreeze. Cycle the motor until antifreeze comes out of the water outlet. If you store your gear in an unheated area, it's best to repeat this process after every drain cleaning job done in the cold weather season. Your drain cleaning machines will survive the winter intact.



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