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Using a Protruding Tap Cutter With Your Sewer Jetter

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How do I deal with a protruding tap?

Using a Protruding Tap Cutter With Your Sewer Jetter

Sometimes the sewer pipes of a building are connected to the main sewer line by cutting a hole in the main, and then inserting the pipe. But if the lateral pipe is inserted too far into the main, it won't drain properly. This is called a protruding tap, or protruding service, and it can be a problem in main drain cleaning. You can use a protruding tap cutter, an attachment with a special cutting bit, to cut through the protruding tap, leaving only a short stub. This restores the line to normal flow, and you can then use the sewer jetter with the usual drain cleaning nozzle to complete the drain cleaning services. When using the tap cutter, you may find it cuts better with a lower engine speed. Just keep the cutting steady, and soon you will be back to main drain cleaning instead of tap cutting.



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