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What Should Not Go Into a Portable Water Recovery System

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Are there fluids that should not enter my portable water recovery system?

What Should Not Go Into a Portable Water Recovery System

There are some jobs that are very wrong for portable water recovery systems. Toxic spills may be contained with the pipe or hose used to contain any spill, but don't allow toxic material to enter the recovery system's cleaning stage, unless specifically designed for toxic spills. A portable water recycling system may retain traces of those toxins, which can seep into otherwise clean water processed by your system. Toxic materials should have approved cleanup and disposal methods. Another situation to avoid with a portable water recovery system is cleanup of flammable liquids. The same rules apply to flammables as to toxic liquids, but with the added danger of a fire or explosion if the fumes are ignited by the system's motor. Water recycle systems should only be used to handle the jobs for which they are rated. Your instruction manual will explain the limits for your particular unit.



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