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What is a Water Containment System?

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What is a water containment system?

What is a Water Containment System?

Water containment systems are used to capture "fluid waste" and keep it from entering the water table, city sewer systems, or other easily polluted areas. In some cases, a water recovery system or containment system can be as simple as a flexible tube placed all around a particular area, combined with a vacuum system to suck up the water. This is effective for spills, one-off car wash fund raising events and other smaller applications. Depending on the laws in your area, you may need additional equipment such as a water recycle system that removes impurities and makes the water safe to discharge. Be sure to compare the product literature to EPA standards for water recovery to be sure you truly are in compliance with the law. A great place to start is at the EPA website for ground water and drinking water, at Water containment systems also come in more complex models which can be used in industrial applications. If you have a business and are worried about EPA compliance, your first step should be consulting with a water containment system dealer to get some advice based on the specific needs of your business.



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