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About The Pressure Washer Trigger Gun

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How does the trigger gun on a pressure washer car wash system work?

About The Pressure Washer Trigger Gun

If your hand car wash trigger gun does not go into bypass mode correctly, the spring or ball could be to blame. Why? The trigger gun uses a spring, ball, and seat to control water flow. When the trigger is released, the combined action of the spring and water flow force the ball into place, sealing up the seat. This stops the water flow to the pressure washer car wash, putting the unloader valve into by-pass mode. When the trigger is squeezed again, the flow of water combined with the spring, force the ball from the seat and water flows to the nozzle. Detergent residue buildup can cause the ball or spring to malfunction. If you are not able to identify one of these two problems with the spring and ball, it may be time to take your trigger gun for servicing.



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