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Your Pressure Washer Spray

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Is my pressure washer spray able to break skin?

Your Pressure Washer Spray

Every pressure washer owner's manual warns the reader not to point the spray at people or animals because the pressure is high enough to cause serious injury. This pressure is a potential hazard in other ways, especially to your fingers. Never try to change spray patterns or nozzles while the spray is on. You should also take care to prevent an unexpected spray by storing your pressure washer in the "closed" or off position. Activating your pressure washer with the nozzle closed or off keeps you in control of the water at all times, and prevents the hose or wand from kicking back at you. When you are done spraying for the day and the pressure washer is off, make sure you squeeze the trigger on a gun-style wand to relieve any pressure left in the hose.



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