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Water Blasting Vs. Surface Cleaning

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What is the difference between a surface cleaner and a water blaster?

Water Blasting Vs. Surface Cleaning

When you want to make an area free of dirt and grime, a surface cleaner is the way to go. When you need a surface "prepped" or completely stripped, water blasting is the best solution. A water blaster can be equipped with a hand-held "lance" or with an automated "crawler" that does high pressure water blasting in much the same way as a surface cleaner, but with a much more powerful spray. Water blasting equipment is routinely used to strip paint off of airplanes, to prep ships and strip chlorine out of concrete. Water blasters use water pressure around 48 thousand PSI, making them just as good as chemical abrasive strippers, but leaving much less residue behind. Water blasters are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious businesses for that reason.



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