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Do Surface Cleaners Use More Water Than Pressure Washer Wands?

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Do surface cleaners use more water than pressure washer wands?

Do Surface Cleaners Use More Water Than Pressure Washer Wands?

Pressure washer surface cleaners spray the same amount of water as a pressure washer, but the time spent cleaning is reduced between 50 and 80 percent. This can mean a huge savings in water consumption. If you live in an area with drought problems, a surface cleaner is a major addition to your water conservation arsenal. The City of El Paso in Texas once mandated a 25 percent reduction in water use, making the faster cleaning times of surface cleaners a very attractive option. Some surface cleaner comparison tests had the nozzle-only method taking more than an hour for the same size job that takes a surface cleaner ten minutes to perform. The water savings are obvious.



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