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Do I Need a Pressure Washer Water Heater?

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Do I really need a heating element for my pressure washer?

Do I Need a Pressure Washer Water Heater?

High pressure hoses, water pumps and other pressure washer parts are all manufactured for specific purposes, with temperature and pressure ratings and other task-specific data. Never use a "cold water" high pressure hose for a steam application. That sort of product safety information is clearly spelled out on most product packaging or owner manuals, but what's not so obvious (at first) is the issue of using hot water. If you are new to pressure pumps and power washing, don't make the mistake of assuming you can use a hot water source with a pressure washer. If you read the fine print on any owner's manual, you will learn that doing so immediately voids your warranty. The only approved way to get hot water from a pressure pump is to purchase a pressure washer with hot water capability or to buy an approved heating system for the pressure washer. Be sure to ask the vendor if your system is compatible with hot water applications before investing.



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