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Saturated Steam And Superheated Steam

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What is superheated steam and how does it affect my hot water pressure washer?

Saturated Steam And Superheated Steam

If you don't know the difference between saturated steam and superheated steam in a hot water pressure washer application, you may find yourself in need of some new high pressure hoses. If you use a Karcher high pressure hose, for example, at the recommended PSI and water temperature, under some conditions you may encounter a sudden decrease in pressure. That decrease allows the steam to become superheated. Superheated steam can degrade or compromise a high pressure hose, resulting in what's commonly called "hose failure." That means a hole in your hose, or worse. To avoid creating superheated steam in your high pressure hoses, avoid opening valves on your pressure washer suddenly. Gradually opening the valves will maintain the pressure and keep the steam in a saturated state.



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