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Caring For Your Pressure Pump's Porcelain Plunger

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What conditions might cause the porcelain plunger in my pressure pump to crack?

Caring For Your Pressure Pump's Porcelain Plunger

Pressure washer parts include the pressure pump, which is a system of valves and cylinders. The plungers back and forth motion inside the cylinders draw water through the inlet valve and then push it back through the outlet valve. This is how the water moves through the water pump. Did you know that high-quality pressure pumps often feature solid porcelain plungers? Porcelain is used because it is more durable than metal, but porcelain does have limitations you should be aware of. It will shatter or crack in extremes of heat and cold, so avoid subjecting porcelain to those extremes. That includes sudden changes from cold to hot or vice versa. Another danger to your water pump? The water level itself. Porcelain plungers may crack if you run your pressure pump without plenty of water.



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