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Water Pump and Check Valve Maintenance

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What maintenance should be done to keep a water pump in good condition?

Water Pump and Check Valve Maintenance

Preventive maintenance for your pressure washer pump includes monitoring water levels. A pressure pump will run for around a half hour before it burns out completely once the tank goes empty. Check and tighten all pressure washer hoses, and keep an eye peeled for any leaks. A drip can cost you as much as 150 PSI. You should also inspect and change your check valves every 300-500 hours. There are six large bolts on the exterior of the pump. The check valves are inside the holes. Unscrew the bolts, the remove the old valves, and insert the replacements. Make sure that you have placed them evenly and then fasten the bolts by hand. Check to make sure that the O-ring on the bolt is secure, and then finish the job by tightening up using a wrench.



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