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Quick-connect Maintenance

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Do I need to turn off the pressure washer when the pressure washer accessories are not attached?

Quick-connect Maintenance

Quick-connects are the metal connectors that allow you to attach and remove your pressure washer accessories and hoses from the pump and each other. They consist of a socket and plug, secured with a safety collar that locks into place once the plug is seated firmly in the socket. If you leave your pump running when the pressure washer accessories are not attached it may cause leaking at the quick connect. This is caused by a damaged or faulty o-ring, located inside the socket. Simply insert a replacement o-ring seal to fix the leak. You will need to know if you have an HP-style or a VHP-style quick-connect. Look at the end of the quick connect that is opposite either the socket or plug. If the end has a ridge that is smaller than the base you have an HP quick connect. If the end is the same size as the base, with a ridge in the middle it is a VHP type quick connect.



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