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Using a Cleaning Head to Clean Milk Vats

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What factors should be considered when using a pressure washer cleaning head to clean a milk vat?

Using a Cleaning Head to Clean Milk Vats

One of the best uses of a pressure washer accessory like a telescoping pressure washer wand is to clean without putting yourself in harm's way. Milk vat cleaning at a dairy is an excellent example. Cleaning at a distance is the recommended procedure because entering the milk vat is considered a safety hazard. When doing specialized jobs like these, be aware of special considerations that can affect the job. Milk vats in particular should be cleaned without running the pressure washer cleaning heads at extremely high temperatures. Those high temperatures will damage the milk vat's thermostat and temperature gage. Water that is too hot may cause the welds of the milk vat tank to crack, and refrigerant will leak to the compressor. Prevent this by using the cleaning head with warm water and an appropriate detergent. At the end of the job, rinse thoroughly with cool water.



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