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Telescopic Wands, Ladders, And Scaffolds

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What are the Pros and Cons of using a Telescopic Wands?

Telescopic Wands, Ladders, And Scaffolds

Telescoping wands are useful pressure washer attachments when dealing with large spray distances or heights. A pressure washer telescoping wand can replace scaffolds and ladders in some cases, making your job much safer. These pressure washer accessories will reduce your liability during the actual cleaning operation, but don't get rid of your ladder and scaffold just yet! You may need to inspect the areas to be cleaned for safety's sake. Will the cleaning heads blast a piece of loose masonry into the air? Is there a stubborn stain that didn't get clean the first time? Did you notice anything unusual after using your telescopic pressure washer wand? You may not need to mount a ladder with your cleaning equipment, but the ladder may come in handy to look over the job once it is done.



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