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Advantages of Greaseable Bearings in Surface Cleaners

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What are the advantages of greaseable bearings in surface cleaners?

Advantages of Greaseable Bearings in Surface Cleaners

If you make an investment in a surface cleaner, you should purchase one that will have a long life, and doesn't break down on the job. One question to ask during a surface cleaner purchase is, "Does this unit have greaseable bearings?" These can extend your surface cleaner's lifespan because you can perform your own maintenance. Greasable bearings prevent your pressure surface cleaner from seizing up unexpectedly. Nothing is worse than having to stop in the middle of a water blaster job to swap gear and send in the original surface cleaner for maintenance on the bearings. Accessorize your surface cleaning gear with an inexpensive grease gun and replacement grease cartridges and you will be all set.



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