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Weep Recovery And Winter Freezes

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Can I prevent my wash lines from freezing with a weep recovery system?

Weep Recovery And Winter Freezes

Did you know that the right weep recovery system can prevent damage to your wash system and its users? Water recycle systems can send weep water through a wash system to prevent lines from freezing. Commercial car wash owners have learned that the key to using wash water recovery in this way is to put it on a timed interval system. This prevents the use of the water in the water recovery system for free instead of paying to use the system as intended. If you aren't running a commercial wash operation, but still need a weep recovery "no-freeze" solution for your facility, you can allow the water to continuously cycle through the system. Another water freezing issue comes with wet wash area flooring. Water containment systems can be built directly into your wash facility in such a way that wash water drains out of the wash area and doesn't accumulate on flooring. This prevents water from freezing outside the lines and causing a slip hazard. Ask your vendor what your options might be for such customized installation.



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