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Water Recovery And State Law

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Do state laws govern my car wash waste water?

Water Recovery And State Law

Many states are taking a much tougher stance on waste water from car wash operations and "portable wash" operations. If you run a car wash business you could find yourself required by law to employ a water containment system at some point during the life of your business. Water recycle systems keep your waste water out of the water table, and are good for your bottom line.

Did you know that "water weep," the process of losing waste water down the drain, is one of the largest expenses connected to operating a car wash? Wash water recovery can cut your water expenses by allowing you to re-use much of the water in a day's operation. At the end of the day you may still be required to clean up what's left in your water containment system before discharging it into the city's sewers, using a water filtration system and related technology. Become familiar with your state's environmental laws to avoid hefty fines rising from unwitting violations of those laws.



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