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Fixed And Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers

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Do I need a fixed or a portable hot pressure washer?

Fixed And Portable Hot Water Pressure Washers

When comparing hot water pressure washers, be sure to consider the advantages of a fixed pressure washing system as opposed to a portable hot water pressure washer. If your hot power washer operations are in a particular area, the fixed system is the best bet. You can run pipe to separate areas to serve your hot power washer needs for multiple locations. Check the specs of the fixed system you are considering to make sure it has sufficient power for these applications. Ask yourself how many operators you want to work at the same time, how many hours per day you anticipate running the system, and how many people will use the system in a month. Then you can make an informed purchase based on your specific hot pressure washer power needs.

When it comes to portable applications, job such as paint stripping, or other applications where a power source isn't readily available, such considerations are quire different. Only one person at a time will be using most portable hot water pressure washers, so your real concerns are duration and frequency of use. In these cases, ask yourself how long your hot water power washer can be out for repairs or otherwise down before it affects your bottom line. Portable options are excellent, but make sure your chosen model is sturdy enough to handle the amount of hours you plan to put in with the machine.



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