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Horizontal And Vertical Duct Cleaning

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Do I need special gear for horizontal duct cleaning? What about vertical ducts?

Horizontal And Vertical Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning tools are often designed for very specific applications. Do you need to clean vertical ductwork? A "fixed" duct cleaner with non-adjustable arms is the right tool for this job. Horizontal duct cleaning systems are a different matter. You'll need a pressure washer duct cleaning system that is adjustable. Some of these duct cleaning tools are designed to be mobile, built with a frame and casters to allow easy duct cleaning and keep the mechanism from bouncing off the walls of the duct system.

Your duct cleaning equipment purchase will most likely require a separate purchase of nozzles. Your pressure washer nozzle selection depends on how much pressure per square inch and/or gallons per minute your pressure washer is capable of handling. Check the specs on your pressure washer for details on your particular duct cleaning system requirements.



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