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Pressure Washer Duct Cleaning

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Do I need a cleaning additive in my pressure washer for duct cleaning?

Pressure Washer Duct Cleaning

If you are planning some do it yourself duct cleaning, one small bit of prep work can save you some time and trouble. A great deal of dirt and grime accumulates near vent openings and grillwork. Clean out the collected grime before you start your duct cleaning, and you will avoid flushing dirt and debris deeper into the ductwork. This preliminary duct cleaning will also help you determine just how filthy your ducts are further into the system.

When it's time to use the pressure washer to start deeper duct cleaning work, many people find excellent results with applying a cleaning additive to the spray. Straight water pressure is good, but even better results can be had with the power of a duct cleaning machine-approved cleaner such as Super Film Remover and/or Citrus Degreaser. When using cleaning additives in duct cleaning equipment, it's vital to use only approved cleaners in your pressure washer that are approved, biodegradable and appropriate for the materials you wish to clean.



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