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Spray Patterns For Sewer Jetters

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Why should I use angled spray patterns when cleaning blocked drains?

Spray Patterns For Sewer Jetters

When using a sewer jetter for cleaning blocked drains, you may need to adjust the spray pattern depending on the task at hand. A complete obstruction will naturally require you to use a laser nozzle. Sometimes just punching through the obstruction isn't enough, and some flushing action is required to complete the job. Do you need to "punch and flush?" Use a laser or corner nozzle. This is especially helpful on longer lengths of pipe.

When the obstruction is cleared, you may wish to use the sewer jetter to blast away any remaining scum or debris on the sides of the pipe. Set your spray pattern to 90 degrees for this job and you'll get it done with little trouble. Once this job is done, don't forget to run some hydrostatic testing to make sure your drain system is free of leaks or other compromises.



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