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Battle Graffiti with Baking Soda

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Are there any recent developments used to clean up graffiti using a pressure washer?

Battle Graffiti with Baking Soda

One great way to remove graffiti is to sandblast it with a pressure washer and baking soda. This technique can be very effective for graffiti removal if used with a hot water pressure, though cold water can be used as well. There's one word of caution, though. If you're using this technique around landscaping, be sure you have adequate drainage that allows you to avoid the grassy areas or any other plant life. Water runoff containing baking soda changes the pH balance in soil and this can ruin any vegetative growth on top of the soil. Also check your local laws regarding retaining pools to see that toxic materials like lead based paint don't get into storm drains or seep into the ground water.



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