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Removing Graffiti

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Can I use a pressure washer to remove graffiti?

Removing Graffiti

You can find graffiti in virtually every major urban area. Graffiti removal can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. However, using a pressure washer can help clean up the city's walls and streets.

• For metal surfaces, if removal methods like paint thinner and sandpaper aren't effective, try using a pressure washer on low pressure.
• You can employ a pressure washer on low pressure on a wood surface, but you must be careful to test an area to make sure you're not damaging the surface or driving the paint into the wood.
• For a masonry surface, the best method of graffiti removal is employing a pressure washer on low pressure. Take care to make sure that your nozzle is not on a narrow spray as this may etch the graffiti into the surface.



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