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Power Washer Safey: Check and Inspect

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Should I do a spot check on my pressure washer before each use?

Power Washer Safey: Check and Inspect

It's a good idea to make sure everything is in working order each time before you start using your pressure washer. Here are a few power washer safety tips on things to inspect before you use your unit:

• Take a look at your hose and make sure there are no cuts or leaks. If there are, you should replace the hose.

• Check your fuel levels to make sure your oil and fuel aren't low and change the oil if necessary.

• Maintain the cleanliness and care of the general pump. Do not toss or bang it around as this can cause weaknesses over a long period of time, and any dirt or cleaning chemical build-up can cause erosion over time.

• If you have inflatable tires, check the air pressure and keep it within manufacturer recommended levels.

• Test your spray wand assembly and replace any damaged or worn parts like the O-rings. Clean out your nozzle or replace if need be.



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