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How To Tell If The Job Is Done

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When Is A Duct Cleaning Job Finished?

How To Tell If The Job Is Done

Duct cleaning is tricky for those who have never done it before--how can you tell that the job is done, and done well? The first thing to do is to get your ventilation or air conditioning system running again after using the duct cleaners. How is the air flow? Do you notice an improvement? Are things about the same? Or does the system work worse than before? If so, you'll need to make an inspection where you did the duct cleaning. Was anything left behind in the ducts? Is there a missed spot to go back and perform additional duct cleaning? Did you reattach all your registers and grilles after the work? Double check the work before calling it a day. It's easy to leave something behind or undone when you have such a large job to do!



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