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Get a Waiver Before you Wash

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Are contract cleaners liable for damage behind siding?

Get a Waiver Before you Wash

Are contract cleaners liable for damage behind siding? You'd better believe it, bubba, unless you get yourself a damage waiver. You are the professional contracted cleaner. As such you
must be aware of the potential for causing or creating damage involved in pressure washing a house. The best practice is to tell the home owner about potential damage risk. If they still want to have you pressure wash thier house, ask them to sign a waiver attesting to the fact. This should protect you from any problems should any damage occur during the power washing process.



5/21/2007 5:13:49 AM
Kelly Gibson said:

Great Tip!
Where can You find a draft or unerversal document for a water damage waiver?


URL: (optional)


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