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Keeping Excess Water from Behind Siding

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How do I power wash a house without creating a problem behind the sidi

Keeping Excess Water from Behind Siding

There are a few simple house pressure washing tips to help minimize the amount of water that gets behind siding. Wash the home with a low pressure washing unit. While this will not eliminate the problem, there will be less water for the weep holes to handle. Also, using a brush or rotary brush to remove any unwanted soil from the siding can be helpful in keeping excess water from behind siding. Low pressure washing means keeping the pressure below 300 psi. Low pressure Washing at low pressure is effective when used with an antimicrobial cleaner for removing microbial infestations such as mold, mildew and algae. You might want to use higher pressure to remove oxidation, egg, or bat and wasp excrement.



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