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The Power Washer Two-Step

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What is a 2 step process for power washing a house?

The Power Washer Two-Step

The two-step process does not mean that the power washer operator stands on a two step ladder or that they dance a two step during their pressure washing. No. That would be wrong, oh so wrong. The "two step" refers to the application of two separate detergents, one on top of the other. First, an acid-based detergent is applied to one side of the house. Then, before the first layer is dry, an alkaline-based detergent is applied on top of that. The resulting reaction helps to break up and dissolve dirt, grime, gunk, and other filth commonly found on the sides of a house. Finally, the solution is pressure washed way using a wide nozzle, usually a 40 degree tip, for minimial surface impact.



1/11/2012 2:51:37 PM
Brandon said:

I am going to pressure clean the outside of my concrete house to clean and prep for repainting. You mentioned an acid-based detergent and then a alkaline based detergent on top of that, Can you please name some detergents that you would recommend using? Thank you for your time


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