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Some Like it Hot...

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Is hot water best for pressure washing?

Some Like it Hot...

In the wide world of pressure washing, hot water is cool as a cleaning tool, whereas cold water is, well, all wet. As we learned in 9th grade science, water temperature changes the nature of solids. You can't emulsify oil with cold water, because as we all know, oil and water don't mix. In fact, the oil will stick to itself as water gets colder. You apply hot water, however, and the oil will start to unstick and emulsify, which makes it easier to wash away. Hot water also helps added chemicals to absorb into a solution more quickly. You can see this by doing a little experiment. Mix a powdered cleaner into cold water and you'll notice that some of it will remain undissolved at the bottom of the bucket. If you mix the same powdered cleaner in hot water, it will dissolve completely, leaving virtually no residue. Bottom line - you may get farther with a hot water pressure washer, but do your homework, the results of hot water on a wood house will leave cold.



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