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Why does a pressure washer spew water from the sides?

Leaky Business

Seeing water spewing out of your pressure washer can be a distressing sight. But don't panic. This just means that a thermal relief valve has been installed on your pump to prevent over heating. The thermal relief valve is usually preset to discharge water when it reaches 195 degrees. Until you pull the trigger, your pressure washer is in by-pass mode. The water is trapped in a loop, which means fresh cool water cannot come in. The water in the loop takes on heat generated by the pump, which can cause damage to the pumps internal components. To prevent this, you'll need to pull the trigger about every minute, more or less. If you won't be using the pressure washer for a while, just turn it off. Or you can set up your unloader to discharge back to your main tank. This is the best way to protect your pump. If you have a high pressure soap set up you can't do this because your tank will fill with soap. Change to downstream and you won't have to worry about an overheated pump.



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