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Starting an Uncooperative Gasoline Pressure Washer

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Why won't my gasoline powered pressure washer start?

Starting an Uncooperative Gasoline Pressure Washer

If your gasoline powered pressure washer doesn't start, there are usually very simple reasons why that have almost nothing to do with your IQ. Here are a few common symptoms and solutions you can use the next time your unit doesn't feel like firing up.

• No gas in fuel tank or carburetor. Fill tank with gasoline, open fuel shut-off valve. Check fuel line and carburetor.
• Low oil. Check oil level. Fill if necessary.
• Start/Stop switch in “stop” position Move switch to “start” position
• Water in gasoline or old fuel. Drain fuel tank and carburetor. Use new fuel and dry spark plug
• Dirty air filter cleaner Remove and clean
• Spark plug dirty, wrong gap or type Clean, adjust gap or replace
• Spray gun closed Trigger spray gun
• Other causes See engine owner's manual



5/8/2015 9:21:20 AM
David Boyd said:

Show me what position the fuel cut off is supposed to be in to start the engine.


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