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Troubleshooting Piston Guide Problems

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What can I do about piston guide malfunctions?

Troubleshooting Piston Guide Problems

When your piston guides go on the fritz, you won't be taking care of business until you fix this problem. The following symptoms and solutions should help you diagnose the source of the piston guide malfunction and put your pressure washer back in circulation in no time.

Symptom • Excessive pressure due to partially plugged or damaged tip.
Solution • Clean or replace tip.

Symptom • Pump running dry.
Solution • Do not run pump without water.

Symptom • Pump running too long without spraying.
Solution • Never run pump more than 2 minutes without spraying.

Symptom • Inlet water temperature too high.
Solution • Check water temperature; it may not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Symptom • Abrasive material entering pump
Solution • Clean inlet filter. Use recommended chemicals. Make sure water source is clean.



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