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This Ain't Your Granny's Garden Hose

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How powerful is a power-washer spray?

This Ain't Your Granny's Garden Hose

A researcher for a consumer information magazine designed a rig to measure just how much power a pressure washer delivers. The spray hit a metal target and a scale registered the amount of force. It turns out gas pressure washers are 20 times more powerful than a regular garden hose. And pressure washers can do a lot of damage, "You can see here even on this metal target it got worn away."

Even less-powerful electric washers can tear into your home's siding or deck if the spray is too narrow. Worse still, you could hurt yourself. How badly? After cleaning the patio last year, one gentleman forgot for a moment that he wasn't using a regular hose and went to rinse his feet. By the time he realized what he was doing, his skin was ripped. Tony now bears a zigzag scar across his ankle and foot.



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